Love Safari

There is no greater gift, or burden, than love. With love we bring home gifts, like souvenirs, for the ones we love. Gift or burden, however, there’s nothing quite like love. It’s heavy, just like water, and strong. It flows through our lives with enough force to carve canyons or fall from heights beyond our own. Sometimes it eddies, other times drifts with its own burden, but it always brings us back undefinable brilliance. 

This is not a love story about love, but what happens when people choose it, together. Even if it finds them in a perfect coincidence of timing and purpose, two people must choose love to bring their lives together. Like water, it’s the universal solvent and holds everything together. We also choose other things together – family and friends and bills and careers – except it all begins with love and choice. Is this, the gift and burden of love, what my friends Evan and Izzy chose as they marry today?

Their story begins with water and friends, my two favorite things on this planet. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know they’d fall deeply in love, but it helps they are both, indeed, rocket scientists. Look at them! Floating along, held in suspense on a magic boat in the middle of nowhere, barely close to home. Perhaps they chose love that day, or maybe it chose them. Only they know.

On that day, inspiration flowed in more ways than simply falling in love. Its waves brought me my own adventures far from home as I came full circle. My friends’ eventual travels would take them around the world in a quest similar to my own. Our own never-ending race.

I used to think we travel the world looking for love, but now I understand we merely seek to see how love is shown in the places we visit. It’s part of what travel teaches us. Like visiting a zoo, but instead of animals, we see the love in each other. We bring it home for our souvenir, with and for each other. Today, the greatest gift Evan and Izzy choose is to bring each other home.

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