Atlantic Safari

S: I’m not sure how this happened, but I didn’t see the Atlantic Ocean’s coast until I was 40. Until now, when I brought my Mom here. I’d seen the Pacific Ocean for the first time with her, when I was a kid. Same with the Indian Ocean. Yet, somehow, I’d never seen the Atlantic Ocean from the coast.

A: I’ve flown over it of course, more than once. Across the pond, if you will. And I’m not exactly sure if the water you’re seeing from The Bahamas is the Atlantic or the Sargasso Sea. Also, it wasn’t as though I’d ever noticed I’d gone without seeing the Mighty. Recently, I simply woke up and thought, “Atlantic.”

F: Any other time of our lives, arranging to take my Mom to the Atlantic would have been challenging. We’ve never lived in the same spot, so our time close in proximity never matched that so close in spirit. Yet, as luck would have it, it was easy. I just picked her up on my way.

A: You see, our new homes are in the DC area. Together with my brother’s family, we family are all nearby now. I’m not sure how this happened, either. Until recently, our time in proximity never even happened at all. All of this is new to us. Stories like this make it hard for me to connect full circle when, indeed, this is just the beginning. None of us has ever done this before.

R: Seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first was just like seeing any ocean for the first time. For me, it’s akin to moms I guess. Things just sort of make sense, even when they really don’t. There is comfort in the chaos, like when you go to your mom for comfort to begin with. Even though parts of it feel backwards, like the sun setting behind you while instead you sit awaiting the moon to rise, everything kind of works out.

I: Recently, I haven’t always felt I’m exactly where I need to be. I’m not exactly sure how I ended up here, or where I’m going. Yet being here with her today was really all that mattered.

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