Saudade Safari

IMG_1074S: This is going to be a colorful safari, like a strange dream. It is filled with that silent feeling for longing and nostalgia that makes up the Portugese word saudade. It begins with the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

A: Lots happened in those two weeks. I traveled from Colorado to Texas in my truck. Truckin’… What a long, strange trip it’s been… I began learning the flags of the world (as well as constellations), and continued my hunt for the next great adventure in media and curriculum production. All while the nations came together in sport, commodore, and flare.

F: Have you ever thought about what our world would be like without the Olympics?

A: This summer, I drove from El Paso to Kalispell along our nation’s backbone, and then back again. Longing for international travel, I championed the long hours of driving solo through my mission to complete my Master of Science in Science Education. Once I returned to Colorado, I began going through a bit of a post-Master’s completion funk. I admired the determination and bounce back of the athletes. Back in Texas, I learned mnemonics in order to learn the flags, as well as continuing to build discipline. It was a nice but humbling measure of growth compared to what Olympic athletes face daily. It pays off, obviously, especially seeing how Phelps, Biles, and Bolt have achieved so many great things.

R: On the day of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics this year, I had traveled to Greece by myself last year. As the parade of nations came together, I recognized over 50 flags and counting. No matter how tired I am from this summer’s strange times, I will never forget the colorful beauty I’ve seen all over the world, both last year and this year.

I: I’m about to hit the road again and continue toward my new future. I know it is filled with opportunity, and I know I must continue this road solo, yet again. Saudade and all. Like a gymnast, I need to perfect the layout. Or as Bolt says, enjoy every minute.

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