Toast Safari

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.37.03 AMS: This is a toast to all of the great folks in San Antonio that made me feel like I was at home for a month. In this month, I practiced speeches at Toastmaster International’s Talk of the Tower club #4601, practiced cooking Blue Apron recipes in my host home, practiced my capstone presentation while completing my professional paper, and practiced the research needed for my upcoming travels. When my fellow toastmasters objectively helped me realize where I need more practice in speaking, I was also reminded of the importance of listening. I learned that, despite a fair amount of discipline, I can never get enough practice.

A: It seems like I was in good company, though, since I was constantly surrounded by professionals steadfast to practicing their craft as well. Like the amazing teachers I met at Crestview and Carnahan elementary schools who work together to build the Project Acorn project database with the steering of Our Lady of the Lake University. Together, they are building an impressive network of partnerships to get students outside planting native landscapes, sharing data.

F: Paul, my host and colleague, was quick to point out the practice that everyone gets at Rackspace, where he is an international manager. As we toured the cheerful facility, filled with brilliant programmers throwing paper airplanes at each other, I was forced to agree, albeit with a giggle.

A: I almost forgot about the overwhelming welcome from the GLOBE project when I volunteered as a judge for their international science fair with middle and high school students. These programs are connecting students internationally, promoting science investigations worldwide through data sharing and student collaboration. That’s something I could get behind…

R: In this brief hiatus in my travels, it was a crucial month to sit quietly and focus on my capstone project. It’s what I came here to do. The 100-page paper, 30-minute presentation, and final milestones to complete this Masters in Science Education. I created videos, practiced editing and voiceover with Joyce, and completed online courses on media production.

I: To a highly productive month with thanks and cheers to the encouraging minds that supported me!


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