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IMG_8689S: I’ve been in the same place for over five years. Five brilliant years, I got to come home to this brilliant safe haven, thankful every day for her fountains, birds, and friendly neighborly atmosphere. I’ve lived in a lot of beautiful places, but I’ve never had a home quite like this, on my own to boot.

A: The time has come for me to find more than just happiness and it’s beyond this courtyard. I want to know what it feels like to not just be happy, but content, anywhere. I want to produce content, travel. I want to make content and to be content.

F: I admit I have wavered between being upset and hopeful about this next move. It makes sense given the gravity of what moving here did to me. What on earth brought me here? Where on earth am I going? If I stay, the next challenge might not find me. If I go, we will find each other. Adventure!

A: Being on my own for all this time has taught me a lot. Moving forward, I realize how much we all truly take care of each other, and that’s not always possible when you have your own place, or perhaps burden. Is that what this move is all about? A quest to find both home and travel, with and without others? Be free to do so? After a year of travel, it seems strange that I seek more; I guess I’m just not done yet. There is always more to find. This is the ironic opportunity.

R: It’s easy to forget what happened in those five years. Brutal hours, uncompromising clashes in priorities of taking care of others, and unprecedented pressure. But it is just as easy to remember the amazing support I have from friends, family, and the solace of this quiet place. Every night I lay awake, listening to the fountain from the courtyard, thankful with the presence of mind to learn all that Houston has brought to me, and vice versa. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I: I got to live in heaven because I was going through hell.


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