Hero Safari

12184145_10153688707358794_4928047316204686221_oS: When was the last time you thought about your hero? Or asked someone who theirs was? I couldn’t answer either of these and was embarrassed when I realized I had never asked my own brother about his. Maybe that’s the way it is. You take your siblings for granted, right? Due to a more-than-average age difference, we were not raised closeby, so we never really truly got to know one another. Sure, I saw my brother marry the most brilliant woman in the world, and I became an aunt to a precious twin niece and nephew, but I never really, truly, got to know my brother until later in life. Turns out he’s my hero… who knew?

A: What I’ve come to understand is that there is nothing worse than taking your siblings for granted, not knowing who their heroes are, and not communicating to the entire world that my brother is truly my hero. Of all people, he understands the concepts of heroes better than I do. He’s a writer for games for crying out loud. His world consists of highly imaginative situations where he designs the virtual fate of thousands of gamers’ thoughts as they fight in the battle of good vs. evil. It’s a game to them, but to him… it’s his life.

F: This is partially evidenced by my niece, Leia, and nephew, Luke, and the remarkable story their lives entail.

A: His experience was so easy for me to overlook as a child, as I ran outside to play in the mud of Colorado or sand of California, and he stayed inside, always in front of a computer. It was so easy to brush his friends off as they played role-playing games and dressed up in what I thought were silly costumes. I realize how wrong I was.

R: As my journey continues and my brother and I become closer, I now see that he’s been the most solid, encouraging and fair man I’ve ever met. How on Earth did I miss this?

I: So, this is my public acknowledgement that my brother is my hero (his is Elon Musk). The force is strong in him.

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