Middle Safari

IMG_3379S: Spontaneously, I hired a scooter to ride through the cliffs of Meteora in the very center of Greece. Unless it directly relates to my health or career, I generally don’t research things in advance and like to discover things as I go. I kinda like that about myself. Anyway, I’ve never ridden a scooter before. Doing so in Meteora, literally in between heavy thunderstorms and the sheer brown and hazel cliffs without a roof or window to obscure my view, made me feel like I was half of the way to heaven. At the halfway point of my travels through Greece, the whole thing got me thinking…

A: There is a phrase in Greek, ‘pan metron ariston.’ It means ‘the medium is excellent.’ Halfway through my career, I feel like I’m just getting started. School has energized this, and so has travel. Grad school keeps me out of trouble during these transitions in my career, and travel gets me into it, ha! Joking aside, it’s true that travel creates some extreme opportunities, like cliff jumping and sailing in Greece, kayaking through the Bioluminescent Bay at night in Puerto Rico, and basking in the lit night skies of Iceland over the summer solstice.

F: I’ve joked with my friends that is the “best mid-life crisis ever!” Is it? Or… just a great opportunity?

A: Strangely, even though one is constantly moving, travel also creates copious time for reflection. It’s like discovering all of the best parts of the world, and the worst, in light of your own choices and actions, simultaneously. How do we know how to navigate through so many opportunities, and how did I become so fortunate to get to so?

R: Life was full-throttle for so many years… it’s only now that I can absorb all that has brought me here today. (Here, by the way, is a very fluid concept, as I could be typing this from anywhere.) This travel has helped me find not only opportunity around every corner, or cliff, but valuable discoveries on how to continue. For this clarity, I’m seriously grateful.

I: As the Greeks say, whatever these things, pan matron ariston.

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