8 x 37: Turkey Trip!

This TRIP! is not over, and here’s why…

IMG_2229This is what I did not know about Istanbul until I was there. It is amazing. It is bigger than New York City and Los Angeles combined. About 20 million people live on either side of the bridges that connect Europe and Asia. Between the mosques, baths, and rich culture steeped in strong coffee and tea, it has a life all of its own.

Murat greeted me at the airport, and I immediately understood that the only way to travel in this area of the world is with a friendly guide, or “technician” as he called himself. Murat’s sister, Sevim, introduced us, and I am forever grateful for her generous offer to take care of me. After a blur of trains and buses, we arrived at his other sister’s home. Beautiful Dilek greeted us in her new flat, where we Facetimed Sevim, safe and sound with her family in Houston.

IMG_2214Murat’s and Dilek’s overwhelming hospitality brought me through sites along the water way, through a wooded pathway down the water’s edge on the Asia side of the bridge, where we enjoyed Turkish salad, chicken, pepper steak, and something with eggplant. We talked of our careers, Dilek’s dream to “boom out of the office” and travel, and Murat’s upcoming move to Houston to teach math in the Harmony school system. We spoke of meeting again before my return to Houston. I obliged because they showed me beautiful Istanbul.

I had no idea, and I must go back.

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