Invention Safari

IMG_0143S: My weekend began with an email that I’d been accepted as a dolphin research intern in Greece. It was shortly after an amazing tour at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, through the various robotics projects in the Vehicle Mockup Facility, Team Valkyrie, Mission Controls, even the Vacuum Chamber.

A: The tour helped me understand even more about NASA’s goals, especially in how important it is to work together, even with robots, to achieve our future goals in exploration. No matter how daunting the task, building a future based on advanced technology and safety is what pulls all of those brilliant minds together. Incredible.

F: Even as a professional educator and aspiring world traveler, it had never truly occurred to me how important it is that we focus on this until this very weekend.

A: I understood that robotics in education was significant to help students understand why the use of such technology leads to higher precision and accuracy in science. I even understood that without this imagination, we could not sustain a world of status quo and non-invention. Yet I never truly understood just how powerful each facet of invention is, in order to preserve our future, until this weekend. We cannot go it alone, and we must engineer our future. Together.

R: I still don’t understand what determines the success of these goals. Is it safety? Is it the fact that redundancy, at least in engineering, is key for creating thorough and safe practices, and results? Is there some magic number of planets we visit, robots we build (to take care of us, and vice versa), vehicles we engineer, and phenomena we discover to measure success? I don’t know. I just don’t know. Maybe this is what I need to find out in my research. How do you build a future of success when, to me, success has always been a subjective goal?

I: My magical weekend of air, ground and water ended with an email that I’d been accepted as a volunteer crew chief member for the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland. All things considered, opportunities for future success, and my love of invention, go hand in hand.

© 2015 Jess Rowell

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