Challenge Safari

S2015043095145934: Ever since I moved here, it’s been non-stop moving. Now that I have the opportunity to move, I want nothing more than to stay, as long as I can travel. The opportunity has arrived. The ability to focus on graduate school and travel, with the full support of my staff at Accelerate Learning where I continue my digitization projects as a consultant is a humble dream come true.

A: For the first time in my whole life, I get to travel the world and meet new opportunities with many friends. I have always been blessed with opportunity, so the travel was the one and only missing piece. In nearly six years, my career has skyrocketed, my fortune manifested, and my humble thanks for all things health, safety, and opportunity ever increased.

F: I remember, during the “crazy days” of working around the clock, I would only pray for health and safety. At the time I was taking care of other people. Funny, now that I’m on my own, things are no less crazy and I seek no less. For this health and safety, I am constantly, if not exceedingly, thankful.

A: So many challenges! So many opportunities! It’s been difficult to discriminate between what opportunities to pursue next. For a split second, I thought freedom was actually “heavy” with decision paralysis, and then I realized there was no such thing as gravity in regards to thoughts.

R: The best way I’ve been able to put this with my closest support system is that I feel led. I felt led to move here to take care of my grandparents, I felt led to pour my soul into this amazing project with Rice and to start this promising graduate research, and now I feel led to see where this next road goes. Take a year, see what happens.

I: I realize the dangers of travel, especially in light of leaving the safety of security in a salary role. I realize the dangers of failure of my dreams not coming true, especially in light of the safety of not trying to pursue them. So, there you go. Or, I go.


© 2015 Jess Rowell

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