La Fortuna Safari


Parque Nacional Volcan Arenal

S: Today I return home safely from my first (nearly) independent international trip.  La Fortuna.  The name itself was reason alone to seek it.  I had little plan and was plenty prepared to explore.  I was ready for green.

A:  There was nothing but gray in Houston when I left, and returned.  Nice time to travel to a rainforest.  Recently, I was introduced to the term kismet.  That was going to the name of this Safari, but I kept thinking about fortune on my solo journey.  I love how both work for me.

F: Kismet finds me in my very fortunate life in the gray skies of Houston, but I found fortune in this very green land far away.

A: This last year, I have learned more from my traveled friends than any teacher.  They remind me of my dreams of travel and, better yet, how to do it.  In the excitement in preparation for this Costa Rica trip, I am reminded that my entire family are also avid world travelers.  Since I am so green, they are my heroes.

R: My fate may be to continue to work and thrive in Houston, as well as to travel.  As I continue this journey in travel and my career, I better understand the gray area that millions of Americans live in as they put their dreams on hold in order to succeed, or survive.  I’m different, no?  For all I know, we may be no different than those in the rainforest.

I:  So many teachers, so much to learn!  It is kismet.

Special Note:  Learn more with the shameless self-promotion of my official 40×40 challenge’s update:  “6×37 Costa Rica Trip!”  While I speak of my dreams of travel and what I learn from other friends’ stories, I also remember the folks who are inspired to do a similar challenge in their lives.  They don’t want to put off their lives to see what they can see now.  It’s a secret goal of mine to inspire 40 people to challenge themselves in ways they have not yet discovered, just as my patient and fun teachers have done for me.

© 2015 Jess Rowell

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