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IMG_0692S: I attended and presented at the Space Exploration Educators Conference this weekend at Space Center Houston.  I’ve been involved with SEEC for six years; yet I’ve never experienced it, let alone presented on a current science education topic.  From behind the desk of a 10th floor office in the Galleria, where my management-centric universe reigns, this conference was a confident and creative bang for me.  It was also a reminder of the importance of Professional Development.

A: I saw NASA astronaut and engineer keynotes, went scuba diving, participated in updates of engineering and technology education techniques in the science classroom, and best of all, reconnected with my old friends at Space Center Houston.  Teaching there, for a year after I moved here, allowed me to adjust to being a full time caregiver while immersing myself in space education with some pretty amazing friends.  Also, it was a lot of fun.

F: I found they discovered me, not the other way around…

A: I did not present as a teacher.  I was there as a Professional Development developer.  I presented on the Earth and Space Next Generation Science Standards and how to incorporate its practices into current classrooms, regardless of how the school/state adopts NGSS.  My peers did not know they were on this journey and thought they were building mini-Rube Goldberg machines to protect Earth from asteroids.  Understanding By Design is a brilliant way to teach people without the act of teaching.  They find the discoveries on their own.

R: Those who can’t do, teach; those who don’t teach write curriculum and better yet, those who don’t write curriculum teach how to create curriculum, or perhaps teach how to learn to teach these things.  I discovered this is what I do best.

I: It takes going through an experience to truly understand it; even though we profess we do this in our own galaxies, we often lose this step, especially in allowing others the same journey.  The power of choice is huge.  I discovered this myself, and found power for what will be a major launch in my career, and hopefully life.  A paradigm shift to a Jess-centered universe.

© 2015 Jess Rowell

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