Godspeed Safari

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.13.07 AMS:  Godspeed.  What does it mean?  I never knew for sure.  I had the Google machine all along; it’s not as though I couldn’t look it up for myself, but even with the infinite resources of the internet available to me, could I really understand what it means?  And, possibly more importantly, what it doesn’t mean?

A: It means success, good fortune, safe journey, etc.  We all know this, but I always thought there was a God part to ‘Godspeed.’  It turns out that God has little to do with this phrase (although I did see that the definition of Godspeed was ‘the speed of God’ somewhere out there…).

F: No, it does not mean God is involved.  God is later, somewhere on the event horizon, in my opinion.  It has to do with parting.  And salutations.  Missing our friends.  Bidding those who have treated us well with the same fortune they have given us.  It is that strange comforting place where two meet as they are parting.

A:  Ah!  Jess!  Do not take life so seriously!  Yes, Stephen.  Thank you.  I recently connected something I never saw coming.  The Rowell side of me is nearly complete.  Yet there is a full side of my life yet unexplored.  My Mom’s side.  The Kangas.  Well, the Stephen side of Kangas, at least.  The life that Stephen introduced me to as a child.  Travel.  Science.  Caring.  Do.  Not.  Take.  Life.  So.  Seriously.

R:  Stephen took my Mom and I to Africa when I was a tween.  To work.  To live.  That’s us in Mombasa, Kenya.  I had homework.  From the International School of Kenya.  After the camel ride.  Right before we moved to Seychelles.  What does this have to do with the Full Circle blog of a woman who moved from Montana to Texas to take care of the now late Rowells?  Everything.

I:  What if I can see the world?  If I have lived life more without, then maybe I should take the journey to live life, with?  Godspeed.  Should I give this salutation to myself?  Am I parting with myself in order to move forward?  Where does it end?  God?

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