Limbo Safari

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.59.26 AMS:  I snuck away for a weekend.  I swam with turtles.  I saw an eel, lobster, octopus, parrot fish, angel fish, held a sea urchin, and a clam.  Ate barracuda.  It was hard timing, and I was unsure if the ‘sleeping giant of Houston’ would even let me go.  But I did.  It was wonderful.  Where, does not matter (but it rhymes with paradise).  In a world on the go (to? I don’t know…), spontaneously sneaking away was literally a life or death decision.

A:  That’s me in the picture, with my famous, now official globetrotting, shoes.  I’m either coming or going at the Houston International Airport.  Which, does not matter.  The thrill of the suspense and the humble love of travel upon my return was the same either way; overwhelming.  With life.  Where the direction of my life is going.  Things are looking up!

F:  Limbo is a very strange place.  It’s not quite hell, but it’s far from heaven.  Unless, of course, you’re swimming with turtles.

A:  I maintain.  That’s what I do.  I maintain our curriculum programs.  I maintain health.  I maintain the care of my sweet declining grandmother.  What is really meant by the term “maintenance plan?”  Does this imply that if we are not on a maintenance plan we have nothing to maintain?  Or to prevent a setback from a place left behind…  Or that, if we are on said plan, we are not going anywhere in particular?   What is the value in maintaining the status quo?

R:  This year has propelled me in new directions.  New developments with my career, school, and life.  It takes everything I have to remain calm and patient, mostly because I’m so excited to see what is coming next.  But, see, that’s the thing.  I could spend a lifetime waiting for something to happen, or I could just go.  It’s a paradox.  I suppose that’s why having a plan is important.

I:  There is a certain clarity that comes from travel, and it completely changes the landscape of the borders of what we perceive as heaven or hell.  To which destination we are going is neither here nor there.

© 2015 Jess Rowell

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