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DSC04151 copyS: It’s hard to count the lessons I’ve learned at Rice.  I wanted to go there, but I ‘had to get smarter’.  Working there from the beginning of this project represented an unprecedented challenge to me, and the pressure was on to deliver a top quality product that revolutionized the science education industry.  Let the countless sleepless nights begin.  And… go.

A: My new role in the organization is to find and fix problems for all grades of all programs; it’s called “maintenance.”  As before, I’m the sole manager on the project.  It requires knowing everything about the curriculum and the site, as well as how everything is connected.  Knowing it like the back of my hand is not enough.  I’ve never known more about anything else than what I know about our site.

F: After learning this much, maybe I could go to Rice after all.

A: It’s everything I can do to stay on top of the expansion, which takes our teams into unknown territory daily.  The numbers get daunting; tens of thousands of files, over a million users, dozens of contractors, a zillion tasks.  It’s hard to know when to stop fixing problems, preventing new ones from occurring, and foreseeing further than the next problem.  This bumpy ride is just going to keep going…  The key is to remember what is most important at all times, and maintaining some calm in a sea filled with storms is a good thing.

R: As we continue to grow exponentially, I remember the demands we faced from the very beginning to deliver quality.  Not just in writing, but in publishing.  The saying favors quality over quantity for a reason.  Responding to feedback from teachers out there saving the world immediately reinforces this.  The efforts of a small team grown so large must all be centered around one focal point for quality, or else nothing adds up.

I: I don’t know where this path is going.  All I know is that science education is the only thing that is going to save the world, one great online lesson and Safari at a time.  Counting wellness, this is what is most important.

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