Fun Safari

IMG_1449S: Some music, some new friends, some marching with Rice’s Marching Owl Band…  A random experience in a calendar of strict schedules in an effort to live well.  Just like every adventure I’ve had since I’ve moved here, I never would have thought I would get to do this.  Under strict guidelines to NOT march, I was told to simply “run and have fun.”

A: Surrounded by people of science, I was welcomed by brilliant students and friendly minds in the MOB. I’m not sure where science meets fun, but I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in the their uniforms, shows and rituals. Overwhelmed by their vast accomplishments in science at such a young age, for one moment we all shared one contagious thing in common.  Fun.

F: In a random sample, how many people do you think you would find who are following their marching orders to have one thing, and that is fun?

A: I asked a friend this question (n=1). He answered that he’d done more in one weekend exploring here than in the last 12. Barring inadequate sample size, it got me thinking. What have I done in my last 12 weekends? Carry the heavy load of life, prevent the spread of fear and dismay, and go out of my way for those that show me that care. Is that fun?  I guess there comes a point in life where all of the education, management, and care we pour into our career and life meet, possibly while rehearsing the “Rice Fight Never Die” fight song.

R:  We are not defined by this experience, but the experience helps make us bolder, stronger, and more able to withstand life’s greatest challenges.  To appreciate that we get to live life to its biggest every moment, while making some tough decisions as life gets tougher each and every day.  And to laugh, out loud, to the things that make us imperfect and immortal.

I: I worry to die, but I wish to live well.  All of my choices to live well have brought me here.  So, fun is infectious, and this is proof that we are not supposed to take life so seriously.

© 2015 Jess Rowell

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