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said wine and coffee bar

said wine and coffee bar

S:  Tonight I went to a Travel Massive travel blogging event. At a Greek wine and coffee bar whose wi-fi code was ‘mykonos1’.  It was a bunch of like-minded people talking about what they love.  Travel.  Blogging.  New friends. It was wonderful.  I’ll spare the details of the path that brought me to this place tonight, and the torrential storms I dodged, partly by leaving at 5pm on a Friday, to attend.  I will share one thing.  For one split moment in my torn world, all was right.  I saw clearly, and took it all in.  My time was, is, coming.

A: I could see all of the great coaches in the back of my head, nodding in approval, as though relieved I finally found my way.  But wait, what does this have to do with work?  This IS an interactive portfolio, isn’t it?  Stories from a tired optimist whose Houston journey has come full circle while becoming a professional curriculum writer and manager.  Right?

F: Is it the fact that I would eventually step outside of that circle the whole point of this challenge?

A: Don’t get me wrong.  I love that I have myself been able to coach others.  Old friends, new colleagues.  One assignment at a time, we have built connections with each other through our professions, passions.  Is that what I’m supposed to bring to this new arena of explorers?  Will they show me new things in travel as I have done my peers in curriculum development?

R: Over a year ago, I was buried in state-mandated deadlines and I recruited to a maximum capacity to meet them.  The deadlines back then were a different beast, and those folks shone through as brilliant contributors.  I dreamt of traveling to the Greek Isles the whole time.  What if I went someday?  When would my time come?

I: Allow me to think outside of the circle for a moment.  What if I am meant to be a professional elsewhere?  Where?  The best advise I got during that hellacious time was this:  When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.

© 2015 Jess Rowell

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