Combustion Safari

combustion show kaboom2S:  I used to be an Education Lead Instructor for Space Center Houston next to Houston’s NASA.  It was a year of space education immersion, and fun.  I remember when I first decided to move to Houston from Missoula.  It was like my head exploded with the weight, and release, of the decision.  The epiphany opened my mind to think of new opportunities, and Space Center was the first call I made.  That was exactly five years ago.

A:  I taught all of the programs there, and worked with students from around the world as they were budding scientists and engineers in the heart of Houston’s NASA.  We launched rockets next to Saturn V.  Conducted distance learning events with students in Australia.  Gave tours of the space travel artifacts like America 7 and Gemini 5.  Went to the Neutral Buoyancy Lab.  Saw both the historic Mission Control and current Mission Control, lots of buildings at Johnson Space Center.  Met astronauts.

F:  Among my favorites were the Combustion Shows.  I loved blowing stuff up.

A:  At times, I couldn’t breathe I was so overwhelmed with the suddenness of my life change; but I was on fire.  I had a new found love of life and teaching, especially the history of space travel.  I made new incredibly loyal and patient friends.  To this day, I get overwhelmed and humble by their loyalty.  Friends are fuel.

R:  A friend once told me that there is a reason and a season for friends that arrive and leave our lives.  I never totally bought that, but it got me thinking.  I have all of my friends from Montana still, and Washington before that, and Texas before that…  To me, friendship is the most important thing in the universe and just as timeless as the one we occupy.  What if, like the adventures of blowing stuff up at Space Center Houston, all good things come to an end?

I:  I have no good answer for this.  If it’s false and everything good always continues, then everything is as it should be.  If it’s true and all good things come to an end, then at least I had a hell of a run.  Kaboom.


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