Adventure Safari

It's a good thing I'm an optimist!

It’s a good thing I’m an optimist!

S: I am no longer a Rice University employee.  Our new company, Accelerate Learning, wholly owned by Rice, is MY new adventure.  Venture?  Adventure?  …. In MY exit interview, I was asked about MY future and past, as well as welcomed back to Rice in good standing.  I reflected as I drove home after a dark storm and brilliant rainbow following it.  It’s been four years since Rice changed MY life, forever.  Nearly five since I moved here.

A:  I remember when, during the “crazy” days of working around the clock, I thought no matter how hard the job was, no one turns down a full-time job offer at Rice.  The adventures of that time were so acute, details hard to recall for the blur of the race.  At that time, there were 5 people.  Now there are 50.  But that’s neither here nor there.  What is MY future going to hold as I continue toward that rainbow’s end?

F: Why is there only treasure at the end of the rainbow?  Couldn’t the pot of gold be found at its beginning?

A: Actually, I am really excited for the adventure this summer holds for me.  What, exactly, is up to the big guy upstairs, but I still feel led through this process.  Just like the day when I was there on the Clark Fork River in Montana; when I knew that I must live a life without anger.  I did not know what exactly to do next, but the clarity I felt then cleared the path to now.

R:  The now I speak of is here.  No anger.  Eyes and ears wide open to all adventures.  By day I coordinate dozens of great minds whose brilliance saves the world, one great science lesson at a time.  By night, I work to clear the path for travel, laughter, maybe a little fun.    When will MY ship come in?  Did MY future somehow become MY new now?

I:  As if life could not move any faster, I’m on the fast track for more change, more adventure, and more growth.  Actually, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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