The Do and Don’t Safari

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 3.43.12 PMS: Today I presented a casual slideshow of “Biology Lessons Learned” to my team.  Some crucial Dos and Don’ts when writing our curriculum.  I was nervous about it actually, but deeply appreciative for the opportunity.  Even though I have been a leader of the secondary STEMscopes program since the beginning, who am I to say how anything should or should not be done? And why should they listen?

A:  I felt like I needed to share some big lessons of the past, even if my peers were not quite in the same place in product development, and would prefer me not share.  Why?  I can’t speak for them or their controversial states.  I only shared because we can make many little sacrifices, but we can’t sacrifice the big things.  Quality content, in addition to pedagogy, is big.  Why are these small lessons big in the grand scheme of things?

F: The evolutionary road of gaining the respect of my peers has been filled with punctuated and charged discussions; it was nice to experience opportunity, not antonym, with them today.  It’s a gradual process, but the conversations rich and rewarding.

A: Today, I stood up to my work and my work stood up for me.  I have been involved as a main developer for nearly four years, two of which I was the sole Project Manager overseeing six grades of science curriculum production.  In fact, I managed Biology all by myself and there were plenty of excruciating hard lessons.  I guess I had to make sure my experience didn’t go extinct.  I had an opportunity to share how things have evolved over time, without putting myself in the spotlight, so I took it.

R: It’s nice to have the TEA 100%-aligned error-free experience tucked in my pocket, as well as the wisdom of knowing when to use it.

I: The world, and every species in it, evolves because of experience and survival every day.  To me, science education is the only language that pulls us all together to save the world and every evolving species in it.  Today, I celebrated that chance to translate the past to the present, together.

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