IDEA (Model) Safari

I have an IDEA...

I have an IDEA…

S: This week, I gave a presentation about the IDEA model to new writers through our Rice University program.  Some are new, some are returning from last year, but this time our mission is a little different.

A: Certain things are the same, others different.  We had a tour of Rice, instead of actually working on campus.  The IDEA model is the same, but I was ILLUMINATING the complete product of the curriculum from whence we unveiled to writers-in-training this time last year.  The staff is basically the same, but it’s been a hell of a year to get to now.  I am still the co-inventor of the IDEA model, but the curriculum has come full circle since this project began.

F: While DOING the presentation, I realized one of the most important lessons in my life.  Sometimes to make the biggest difference, I just need to be “same” for a little while.

A: It was the first time I’d presented the whole curriculum (I’d missed that important chance in Boston in April) and my peers, teacher writers, and co-inventor (boss) were there.  It began with an idea in my office way back then, and it turned into a nationwide inaugural feat.  Allow me to EXPAND.  No matter what happens in the future, no one can ever take away the fact that I was humbly one of the main developers of a K12 comprehensive online curriculum for the newly released Next Generation Science Standards using a model expanding on the 5E.

R: I could not have done this without certain “same” things that I could rely on.  Especially given the sheer amount of change I’ve experienced this year (some of which brought me to some low places).  My team leads and incredible support from “below”.  My fantastic reminders from “above” to remain humble, fair, and consistent.  Finally, the daily challenges of Houston life, to “rise above,” has given me new opportunities, colleagues, and perspectives.

I: I ARGUE that this has been one the most significant years of my life, both as a manager and a person.  Are those the same thing?  What’s the difference?

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