GRE & Grandma Safari

How does the saying go?

How does the saying go?

S: While visiting Grandma at her hospice bedside, I read her a Family Circus comic from the paper.  “How do I know which way to face when I’m looking forward?”  I was taking a break while studying for the GRE, realizing how much I had forgotten about agreements, transitions, and linking similar and dissimilar ideas.  Later, I asked her what she thought the opposite of ‘perspective’ was.

A:  For those of whom do not know my Grandmother, the only thing need to know that she is a woman of many great strengths, yet in spite of herself,  tact is not always one of them.  She has a tendency to always have to be right.  Likewise, I have observed this about her all my life.  Yet to see her so full of spirit (I call it ‘vinegar’), albeit not far from her next journey (her own transition), has made me admire her more.

F:  So, when she replied “I guess the opposite of perspective is looking backward,” I had to smile.  Moreover, she was right.

A: Lately, I have taken a little more perspective on what is going on around me.  I am not perfect.  Somedays I am wrong, others I am right.  How do I keep perspective when I’m so far in the matter, I can’t figure out what the matter is?  I have lived through an incredible journey in helping the Rowells (note the use of present perfect tense).  I have worked hard at Rice.  I now look forward to new adventures, and cherish those that have brought me here.

R:  Perspective matters.  Then, it is just a matter of keeping it.  Somedays, Grandma has a little more ‘oil’ than ‘vinegar’.  Meanwhile, all around me, the fight for who is right and wrong further fogs the horizon of what is most important.   While it is humbling to resume my journey toward my masters, I look forward to this challenge (my own transition), and also to stay on the right path.

I:  Looking back, I have no regrets and nothing but thanks.  Moving forward, I pray to keep perspective.  How can I go wrong?

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