The 40×40 Challenge

Travel, stories, friends…

A few of my favorite things.  I’m collecting them all. I want to travel. I love stories. I believe friendship is the most important thing on Earth; in fact, I believe it makes the world go around. We are all in this together.

Tell me your travel story(ies) – where you’ve been, what you did, what you learned, what you did not (that doesn’t make sense, but you get the gist). I want advice, feedback, and your favorite highlights…

I want to travel to 40 countries on or by 40. I want to hear your advice and stories. If you would like to support my 40×40 challenge by sharing your story, please leave a comment about your travels for all to see.

For my part, I am committing to creating updates and to sharing how my life unfolds as it allows me to travel. Clues of the inspiration you give me will be wrapped into my Safaris and TRIPS!, but only if you share.

Goal: 40×40. So far, 14×38:
Kenya, Seychelles, England, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Iceland, Turkey, Greece, Albania, China, Belize, Honduras.

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Passing the Virtual Hat

(Each birthday, to thank all who support and my 40×40 challenge, a portion of these donations will also be shared with

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