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Old photo, same stuffy room, lots of magic over the years...

Old photo, same stuffy room, lots of magic over the years…

S:  This week, I helped during a three day workshop on Problem Based Learning curriculum writing.  Over the last two years, we have brought PBLs to whole new level, and my NGSS Middle School PBLs are due.  My role was to take the incoming work of our great writers and turn it over to my publishing team.  Creative contributions for this project were not in my agency.

A:  In the same room that our many writers have tested, met, brainstormed, and written, we wrote again.  I appreciate the history of the magic that has occurred in that stuffy room for the last 3 1/2 years.  But something kept bothering me in light of the challenges this week.  Lately I’ve felt like I’m part of the solution AND the problem at the same time.  Why?

F: I recently learned to identify and accept my agency.  My stakes vs. my claim in the result, which has taken some analysis.  I’ve also decided it’s a null argument to tell a woman that they overanalyze.  If every man and every woman told every woman this, then it is a known and indelible fact, hence true.  Analysis is not my problem, it is my job.

A:  Perhaps it is stress causing me to tire.  It’s been a wild and unparalleled adventure with Rice and Houston.  Yet, I have been blessed with opportunities to grow stronger and achieve great milestones in my career.  My load may have been a problem, but my perspective of it is certainly the solution.

R:  While I enjoy being a part of the collaboration, I see my role in managing the success of the entire project.  This is the case with dozens of the projects I manage.  It is my agency.

I: I guess in the end, it’s best to accept that we are all a part of the problem and we are all a part of the solution, all of the time.  We take the great gifts of others and pass them on, and take the roles of others as seriously as we take our own in finding solutions.  It’s all part of the learning process.

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