Dependent Variable Safari

FoggyS:  It’s unclear to me why the universe has thrown me so much in life, love and work at one time.  In science, there is a language to investigate the correlational or causal relationship of variables in natural systems.  If “this” changes, then “that” will happen.  If an independent variable changes, a dependent variable will respond to the change.  One can even graph the relationship, defend it with empirical data, analyze it, add a legend…

A:  But in life, there doesn’t seem to be a hypothesis for an independent woman who wants to live unconditionally in the present, not the past or present, in a world filled with conditions.  There are consequences for one’s actions, and one cannot change the actions of others.  If I argue to defend myself with facts, I may win here but lose in another equally significant area there.  If I succumb to the stress or pressure with emotions, I may lose the fight I had never wanted to be in to begin with. 

F:  How do we accept that we may never know, let alone quantify with facts or qualify with emotions, how the choices of one affect another?

A:  In science, the act of acceptance is by peer review.  If others can replicate your experiment or results, then your discovery must be true.  We are not alone in science, but instead part of an ever-growing scientific community whose body of knowledge has changed the planet and world forever.  In life, the act of acceptance is a choice done alone.  If others happen to relate to your experience, then your perspective is validated.  We may or not be alone, our discoveries may or may not feel supported, and in the end we have only our free will and experience.

R: I suppose it’s a choice we make to seek the clarity we need, and to seek love and help when we need it.  Even if it’s up to the big guy upstairs how our needs will actually be met.

I:  If science is a way of knowing, it sure does seem like the more we know, the less we truly understand about who we naturally are.\

(c) Jess Rowell – All Rights Reserved

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