Absent Safari

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S:  I know I’ve been absent.  I’ve been going through a time where other bloggers might share and I will not.  I will be happy to share some of the rather unhappy things that have made my life rich with challenge.  

A:  It all has to do with health and safety and what is most important.  I was absent when a loved one got hurt.  Other loved ones have been absent from me.  It’s important to be present in the moment, and to provide and be provided for by others.  Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, actions are absent (or maybe tardy).

F:  Maybe that’s why I love my work.  There is no failure in meeting the criteria expected of me.  It helps that what I do is important, and one of my most challenging and rewarding creative outlets.  It seems like I’m always present in it.

A:  Like how, in the middle of the night while sleeping in the hospital, I thought of a nifty solution for our website (why not group everything by topic, not grade span?).  Or, while on the phone with the many facets of care management, I recall my dozenth intern’s task is complete and immediately strike up the next.   It’s a good thing I’m a born coordinator, or else coordinating the care of myself and others, with the work of the dozens of consultants I manage, might be a bit challenging.

A:  My new project is working with a team of trainers that will train trainers who will train thousands of teachers state- and nation- wide.  I get to help organize that effort, in addition to my other exciting projects in curriculum development.  We also released the National curriculum samples this week to a full house of staff.  Wow!

R:  I get that I am one of millions of Americans sometimes struggling, sometimes celebrating, through a series of hard choices and hard work and hard love.  I also get that I am extremely fortunate to have the presence of mind to be thankful for my opportunity.

I:  For even when challenge is present and fortune is absent, I am thankful, albeit very very tired.

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