Irony Safari

This is a shirt on ThinkGeek

This is a shirt on ThinkGeek

S:  Today I see the irony in it all. How the many events of our days come full circle. Had I met myself before, I would not have appreciated irony as much: By that same logic, if I meet myself later, I will be in even more awe. I suppose the cycle of irony never ends.

A:  Part of my job is to make sense of the chaos.  I feel if I do not spot the typo from across the room, or quickly facilitate the most efficient path for my writing teams to follow, or troubleshoot a new solution for the function of the site quickly, I have not done my job enough. Thinking on my feet is one thing, but thinking while running wildly toward the end goal is another.

F:  They say hindsight gives you 20/20. But what if your wake is so dusty from the trails you’ve blazed it is difficult to see at all? 

A:  My job also requires me to have a tremendous amount of foresight.  Our team has made recent advancements in our national science online curriculum projects, in part due to the benefit of experience and foresight. I am fortunate that I see the end goal and it so natural to me. Is it my job that requires me to be a forward thinker or am I improving my job through foresight?

R:  The other part of my job is producing quality curriculum. That’s more important. They don’t say “quantity control.”  There is no forward thinking or reflection when it comes to quality product or lifestyle.  Building a product at breakneck speed may be great for the forward thinker, and balancing a life of chaos may be necessary for one who has reflected on the past. There is simply now, and it is either quality or it is not. In the end (or the now), there is only the quality… of now?

I:  I cannot indulge on the details that make today’s Safari a bit ambiguous. Nor can I make truly sense of this chaos surrounding me today. Here’s to finding peace in the irony, for now.

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