Struggle and Resolution Safari

resolveS:  I wonder if the whole point of a resolution is to change something about yourself with the delusion that the slate of said behavior is wiped clean:  ‘I will change something, in hopes to gain something or lose something.’  I made a few this year without thinking; check my blind spot, have fun, use more lotion…  As weary as this year has made me, I was eager for change.  I forgot the most important thing.  Struggle.

A:  This year’s struggle has been insurmountable.  The constant give and take, all or nothing, cliffs and deep valleys.  It’s been most unkind.  And yet, I have had some of my biggest accomplishments in my whole life this year.  I achieved major milestones in my career, both with the state and national curriculum program I help build.  The adoption of the error-less curriculum by the state.  The invention of a whole new model and online framework for the national science curriculum.  I have given much and received much.

F: Nevertheless, I will enjoy seeing 2013 off with a slight and swift kick and welcome a safe and friendlier 2014.


A:  The struggle, according to evolution, is and explains everything.  I realize this argument may be true for all living organisms, and then somewhere humans throw off the whole system.  But without struggle, at least for us humans, we wouldn’t know which battles to fight.  It teaches us to survive, and with grace, know which things to let go of and which to strangle to death.  Wouldn’t resolving to change negate all that the struggle has taken and given?

R: Perhaps struggle and resolution are the same thing.  We will all challenge ourselves to take ours, so any change that benefits the likelihood of this success is the struggle and the resolution.  If this is true, then I must embrace the struggle in order to survive, not to enjoy the result of a resolution.  I must remain humble and thankful for the safety of another year, grateful that at least it’s leaving on a quiet note.  2013 has taken enough.

I: I will change nothing, in hopes to keep all that I have.  The struggle is good.  

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