Humble Safari

HumbleS:  I am sitting here, quiet this morning after a long, quiet Thanksgiving holiday break.  I assure you this is quite unlike the rest of my days, filled with the overwhelming rushes to keep up with those that things I tend to and people I care for.  This great morning of December 1 finds me rested, ready, and humble.

A:  The humble part of me is never going to make it into a Safari all by itself.  It would be an oxy moron to claim that I am a humble being, and waste 360 words to do so is a bit silly.  But, isn’t being humble what has made me see how much has come full circle in my life?

F: I’m sure there are a few folks out there who wouldn’t think me humble, or would claim that I’m a bit too ADD to know what that means.  I suppose they could be right, but not at times like these.

A:  I guess it is all a matter of perspective.  I had never been so humble as when I moved here.  Everything, every opportunity and event, happened as though it unrolled for me when I was ready for it, and not sooner.  My caregiving, my work in space education, being homeless, my eventual work with Rice.  Since I’ll never know if these accomplishments would have come to me if I hadn’t of been humble, then it is must be an energetically favorable state to remain humble.

R: The science in me would agree.  We all are striving to achieve the same homeostasis that our trillion cells are every day.  Push, pull, give, take, laugh, cry, it’s all there.  We all have some sort of mechanism for the transactions of life, monitored not by money or attention, but possibly energy.  And every day I do not have to grow or kill my food in order to simply live and experience life is a day humble for me.

I:  So, this is a rare moment of indulging in nothing.  Indeed, I want my Safaris filled with tales of adventure and love, but this morning is clear and void of my usual mess.  I am thankful.

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