The Vote Safari

How it all began...

How it all began…

S: Yesterday I attended the State Board of Education November 2013 meeting and saw the successful vote and adoption of the science curriculum I’d spent the last three years creating. We had the highest number of products with the fewest number of errors. For 12 grades of science, we had 4 errors. The secondary science program had zero errors. As per the Texas Education Agency, every student and teacher in Texas can use it. We are now officially open.

A: Three years of extremely difficult labor beyond my wildest dreams came to a solitary point and moment in my universe as I watched the board for 12 hours, seated in my chair. Three years with Rice, 12 hours in Austin. It was well over 11 pm when they made the vote. In the brain numbing discussions that occurred for hours by this honorable volunteer board, I reflected on the nearly unexplainable adventure I’d been on to create the secondary science program. Would this ever come to a close?

F: When it did happen, I must say I was underwhelmed. It just happened; we nearly missed it as they moved quickly to the next agenda item in hopes to close before midnight.

A: The audience at that point was only competitors, out for the same result and perhaps in for the same ride as we. I remember when my boss recruited me for the job in 2010, explaining that this was the very result we would work for. I had never been more overwhelmed in my life. I was the first Project Manager for the secondary program. We were so small then. So when the vote happened, we looked at each other, aching from the pain of sitting and anxious from the weight of the implications of our work, and simply got up to leave.

R: The official vote was today. It is done. This journey and their arduous tasks in deciding what’s best for young science minds of Texas is, for the moment, adjourned.

I: Unexplainable or not, this adventure began and ended with the feeling I left in our state’s capital, closing the meeting doors behind me. Open.

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